Mad Dog Original BBQ Sauce

  • $14.00


Mad Dog Original BBQ Sauce (12 FL.OZ. / 340 g): Full-bodied with just a smidgen of heat, Original jazzes up any meal, from chicken to tofu, to slurping it off your fingers after devouring a rack of ribs. Darn near addictive, MAD DOG Original is full of all the premium ingredients as is our Ultra Hot, minus the big burn. It continues to be a National favorite of critics, aficionados and folks like you and me. Ingredients: Premium Tomato Paste, Water, Unsulphured Molasses, Vinegar, Tamari, Natural Hickory Liquid Smoke, Garlic, Herbs, Spices, and Xanthan Gum. Brand: Mad Dog Hot Sauce Manufacturer: Ashley Foods Awards: Named #1 BBQ Sauce in America 2003 - PBS TV"America's Kitchen"