Carolina Sunshine “Wing Sauce” - 1/2 gallon only

Carolina Sunshine



Carolina Sunshine “Wing Sauce”  - (10oz. )
Called by some the "everything sauce" we now introduce our Wing Sauce by popular demand!  Shortly after introducing our Tangy Barbecue Sauce, customers started asking us if we have a wing sauce?  Well, “Yes we do”!   This sauce has been a staple in our house … a house full of growing kids and their friends … for years.  Now we are comfortable with producing this “Sweet and Hot” (but not too hot) Wing Sauce in volume.  This “hits the spot” any way you cook your wings (or nuggets or tenders)!  You’ll find it easily with the red shrink band and the wacky pig “Cedric” on the label…trying to pass for a chicken of all things!

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