PRODUCT DESCRIPTION ManGrate Heavy-duty Handlin’ Bag and Brush Set — A stellar grilling experience shouldn’t be isolated to your backyard. Hit the road with your ManGrates in our heavy-duty handlin’ bag. Our rugged bag hauls up to 41 pounds of cast iron grate-ness and grilling accessories. Your love of the grill knows no bounds—so why confine your passion to one grill? Get out there and show some tailgaters what’s up! Give in to your primal self and cook over the open flame of a campfire…just remember a civilized steak always has beautiful sear marks. Includes: (1) ManGrate Heavy-duty Handlin’ Bag w/ giant front pocket, 4 bottle pockets, comfy padded strap, industrial top zipper and reinforced bottom insert. Dimensions: 16.5″ long x 13″ tall x 8″ wide (1) ManGrate Grill Brush with long, stainless steel bristle design helps effortlessly clean away debris from ManGrate’s deep “grease gutters”. Dimensions: 15″ long x 4.25″ wide x 2″ height Weight 3 lbs Dimensions 16.5 x 6.5 x 13.5 in

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